Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Abduction from Seraglio, The

(In German: Die Entfurung aus dem Serail). Opera in 3 acts by Mozart; libretto by Gottlob Stephanie, based on Andre's "Belmont und Constanze"; premiered at Burgtheatre in Vienna on July 16, 1782.

Abduction from Seraglio, The

The story takes place at the Pasha's palace in Turkey, Pasha's servant Osmin is in love with Constanze's maid Blonde, the lovers plan to escape, get caught, but Pasha pardons and frees them.


Opera in 3 acts by Handel; libretto by Vincenzo Grimani; premiered in Venice on December 26, 1709.
It is Handel's only one of two operas produced in Italy during his three-year stay(other-Rodrigo).

Auber-Fra Diavolo

Fra Diavolo is an opera comique in three acts by French composer Daniel-Esprit Auber, first performed at the Opera-Comique, Paris on January 28, 1830. It is based on the life of the Napolitan bandit Michele Pezza, active in the southern Italy in the period of 1800-1806.
It was considered as the most successful work of comic opera before Offenbach.
The stamp shows composer Auber and the score page of the opera.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Opera in 4 acts by Verdi; libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni from the French prose of Camille du Locle, plot by Mariette Bey, premiered in Cairo December 24, 1871.
Aida was not, as generally supposed, written for the openning of the Suez Canal(1869), but was commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt to open the new Cairo Opera House the same year.

Aida - Characters, Stage and Costumes

The main characters are:
Aida, Radames, Amneris(princess of Egypt) and Amonasro(King of Ethiopia, father of Aida)